Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies


When moving with Santini, material deliveries are free of charge



Call 1-855-SANTINI (855.726.8464) for a Prices


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Dish barrel 18” x 18” x  24”  5.2 cubic feet

(Holds 1 box=service for 8 fragile items, dishes, crystal, table lamps)


Small book carton 16” x 12” x 12”  1.5 cubic feet

(Packs  small heavy item: books, canned food, vcr/ dvd tapes)


Medium carton 18” x 18” x 16”  3.1cubic feet

(Packs miscellaneous household goods)


Large carton 18” x 18” x 24”  4.5 cubic feet

(Packs large pots, pans, vases etc.)


Extra Large carton  24” x  24” 20” 6.1 cubic feet

(Packs  light, bulky items: linens, quilts, folded clothes, pillows, lampshades  etc)           


Wardrobe  18” x 21” x 48”  10.1 cubic feet 

(Packs hanging garments 20-25 hangers)


Picture / mirror carton adjustable  4” x 60”x 40”

(Packs glass, mirrors, and paintings)


File carton  22.5”  x 16” x 13” 2.3  cubic feet


Small Bubble wrap 12”x 175’ wraps dishes, small breakables etc.

Large Kraft Bubble etc  48” x 250’ wraps furniture, lamps


Grandfather clock

Packing Paper 25lb bundle


Packing tape

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